Ithaca lemon beet hummus review

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ithaca Cold-Crafted Hummus

Ithaca Cold-Pressed Hummus


First off, the packaging is phenomenal! Working in marketing, I am attracted to brands who have great packaging and messaging. When I was walking through our local grocery store here in Dallas, Central Market, I noticed this hummus out of the corner of my eye because of what it says on the top. THIS HUMMUS TASTES FRESH. And they ain’t lyin…

I’m not sure if anyone else out there is picky about their hummus, but I am. I actually don’t let the texture of foods bother me too much, but with hummus, I feel like the texture really makes or breaks it.

So when I saw that their marketing message was that it tastes fresh, I was wildly intrigued. The first flavor I tried was their lemon garlic, and now i’ve moved on to this lemon beet flavor.

Ithaca’s Lemon Beet Hummus Review:

The Taste: the tastes of both flavors I have tried are delicate and balanced. Though they have several flavors I still have yet to try, and plan on trying, the lemon flavors are most likely going to be my favorite. Any food that can have a subtle, fresh and real lemon flavor has my heart. They use a unique process to produce their flavors with cold-pressure, not heat pasteurization.

The Texture: the texture is creamy and smooth. It isn’t a thick hummus like some others I have had, and honestly, I think I prefer the texture of Ithaca Cold-Pressed Hummus. It really does taste fresh and like it doesn’t have a ton of extra gunk in it keeping it more dense.

Ithaca Cold Pressed Hummus Texture

The Price: I assume the price will differ wherever you live, but here in Dallas, TX it is $4.99. I’ve seen other hummus priced around this price point, so I think this is pretty great.

How to Cook It Healthier: luckily, this product is made healthy already! With 50 cals per serving, you can enjoy this tasty snack and not feel guilty about it! Although veggies are my go-to vehicle for getting this delicious stuff to my mouth, I do confess that pretzels are my guilty pleasure too.

I also have been really obsessed with adding a schmear to my avocado toast. It adds an extra flavor pop, plus it helps to add more nutrients to your go-to Avo Toast such as immunity-boosting Vitamin-C (from the lemon), fiber, iron and protein.

Can't Beet Avo Toast

I have posted the veggie snack plate with a serving size of Ithaca hummus, as well as my Can’t Beet Avo Toast over on MyFitnessPal for those of you who want to add it as a snack or breakfast to your daily tracking. Add me as a friend: Cook It Healthy


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