Fro-Yo Filled Raspberries- Cook It Healthier Snack

RECIPE| Fro-Yo Filled Raspberries

Fro-Yo Filled Raspberries Recipe- Cook It Healthier

2:45 PM rolls around, you’re bored at your desk at work and then the snacking urge hits. #Boredsnacking

This was always a hard time for me, especially when I was trying to lose weight. I felt upset with myself if I ended up going for an office snack (usually nothing good for you like chips, cookies, etc.). Luckily, after starting the Weight Watchers program, it helped to turn my focus on foods that were worth zero points as snack options. Things like veggies and fruit. This small mindset shift really helped me to understand how food I eat fit within my daily allotted calories.

So, it turns out it’s ok to snack! YAY! Now what? There are only so many raw carrots and cucumber slices a girl can eat. Am I right?

That’s when I was inspired to #snackhealthier and create recipes that did two things:

  1. Force me to pre-make the snack and put a little time into prepping and portioning it out for the week. For me, this made the snack seem more fulfilling and I appreciated each piece I was eating.
  2. Get creative with the foods and find ways to incorporate a little extra protein or healthy carbs depending on how I need to fuel my body for the day.

With these Frozen Fro-Yo Filled Raspberries, you will savor each little raspberry just a little bit more! They are filled with a greek yogurt mix and then frozen so they are a popable snack for mid-morning or in the afternoon.

Even better, they are super EASY to make and have 3 ingredients.

Fro-Yo Filled Raspberries Recipe - Cook It Healthier

— I N G R E D I E N T S

This is it, y’all! Just 3 ingredients. Raspberries, fresh lemon juice and Siggi’s yogurt!

  • 2 Vanilla 5.3oz cups of Siggi’s Yogurt
  • 1 lemon – 1oz / 2 tbls. fresh juice
  • 3 pints fresh raspberries

I chose Siggi’s because it has more protein and less sugar than most other yogurts on the market. This makes the snack healthier for you, especially if you’re working towards less sugar in your diet or lower carbs. Additionally, the protein in this yogurt will help you feel more full and fuel your body for workouts!

— I N S T R U C T I O N S

Wash your raspberries and set aside on a towel to dry.

Once they are dry, line each raspberry in a freezer-safe ceramic dish that has a side to it so you can nestle them all together making it easy to pipe in the yogurt mix. (Check out the top photo in this post for what this should look like).

Next up, mixing the yogurt and lemon juice.

Add both yogurt cups and all the lemon juice to a bowl and whisk together until creamy and slightly fluffy.

Fro-Yo Filled Raspberries Recipe - Cook It Healthier

Once it’s all mixed together, put it in a sandwich baggie and cut a very small corner off to pipe into the top of each raspberry.

To use all the yogurt mix, I actually needed another pint of raspberries to use it all. My picture below is just 2 pints (because that’s all I thought I would need).

Fro-Yo Filled Raspberries - Cook it healthier Recipe

Once they are all filled, then just pop these babies into the freezer and you’re done! I left mine in overnight and they were perfectly frozen the next morning, but I think at minimum they will need 5-6 hours.

Hope you enjoy scooping a cup of these into a container to enjoy as a snack at work or even on a Sunday afternoon watching TV! They obviously need to stay in the freezer, but they keep for a while in a tightly sealed container.

For those of you following @cookithealthier on MyFitnessPal, the recipe is uploaded there for you to add to your daily tracking. A serving size is 1 1/2 cups of the frozen berries.

The macros are below for those of you who aren’t on MyFitnessPal!

Fro-Yo Filled Raspberries MyFitnessPal Macros

Let me know what you guys think about this recipe and if it helps your snacking cravings! I love to hear feedback and any other ideas you have for healthier snacks.

XoXo – Ashley

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