RECIPE | Good-For-You Protein Cookie Dough |

RECIPE | Good-For-You Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Healthy cookie dough made with chickpeas, coconut oil and a few other whole ingredients. That’s all it takes to make good-for-you cookie dough!

Honestly, I wasn’t convinced that this trendy snack was something I wanted to mess with because raw cookie dough had always been off-limits. Probably something ingrained in me from childhood from my mom always saying it wasn’t allowed because of the raw egg. Luckily this version of cookie dough contains no egg, in fact, it’s vegan and gluten free!

RECIPE | Good-For-You Protein Cookie Dough |

Just a few ingredients is all it takes to make this healthy snack. Took me about 5 minutes to make if you don’t count the 10 minutes it took me to de-skin the chickpeas.

To easily de-skin chickpeas, dump them in a strainer. Not only do you want to de-skin them, but you want to wash all the juices off thoroughly too. After you wash them off in water, start to pick up a handful of chickpeas, and gently pinch each pea between your thumb and pointer finger. The skins will VERY easily come off. It’s a bit of a tedious task, but it really makes the texture perfect.

Once you get all the skins off, you’re ready to make your dough!

I decided on the ingredients below based on this criteria:

-will it provide some additional protein

-will it get me an extra brain healthy dose of a healthy fat

-is it added sugar

Based upon those three criteria, I came up with the below ingredient list. The protein powder helps with providing some additional protein (which is hard to get in most snacks), the coconut oil gives you a little extra dose of a brain boosting healthy fat, as well as the dark chocolate.

Are you ready to get to making this stuff yet or what??

RECIPE | Good-For-You Protein Cookie Dough |

Serving Size: Recipe yields about 10oz. | 2oz. serving size = 4 Tbls.
Macro Breakdown: 142 cals | 6.9g fat | 12.6g carbs | 8g protein
I N G R E D I E N T S//
I N S T R U C T I O N S //
  1. Make sure your chickpeas are thoroughly washed & deshelled to get the ultimate creamy texture
  2. Combine the chickpeas & banana in your food processor until smooth
  3. Add in the coconut oil & blend until smooth (make sure the coconut oil is liquified when you add it in)
  4. Add in the protein powder, almond milk and blend until smooth & creamy
  5. Crush up your chocolate bar & fold into your ‘dough’ …. And you’re done! Mine was very creamy right after I made it but once it had been refrigerated for a few hours it held it’s shape better.

I’ll be making this on the regular from here on out! Such a great snack to fuel you up before a workout or post-workout!

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xoxo Ashley

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