Hi! My name is Ashley. Welcome to Cook It Healthier blog. Also known as @cookithealthy on Instagram.

My journey into understanding food and how to turn things I craved into things also good for my body started a long time ago!

Back in 2010, just when I was graduating from the University of Kansas, I realized that something needed to change about my health. I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt, yeah, but more importantly, I knew this wasn’t who I wanted to be as a ‘real adult’ outside of college life.

This picture on the left is what finally pushed me to take back my eating habits and 8 years later (technically 7 when the picture on the right was taken) I am in a much better place with food, fitness and my overall health journey.


Y’all, this is a 40 Lb. difference. Can you believe that? I still can’t believe how bad I let it get and how many years it has taken me to undo those college years.

I’ve learned a lot about what a healthy relationship with food can look like, but realize what my weaknesses are too. Which is why I wanted to create this blog.

Losing the weight with Weight Watchers¬†allowed me to view food in a whole new way. It forced me to get creative with what I was eating so that I felt properly fueled for my workouts. Though I haven’t done WW in a while, I maintain my daily food intake now through MyFitnessPal App (add me as a friend @Cookithealthy)!

I’m not perfect. I’m still learning, but that’s what makes life fun, right?

This blog is for anyone who is looking to be inspired with their health journey. For anyone who KNOWS they cannot sustain a diet of plain chicken and steamed broccoli for more than like 3.5 hours. I hope the recipes and products shared through this blog help you feel like its possible to be healthier. No more food FOMO!

xoxo Ashley